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Next Generation Microprocessors

Hexacore next generation microprocessors are based on an architecture which is radically different to conventional design. More akin to the human brain, Hexacore’s patented neuromorphic engines allow significantly higher performance, whilst consuming a fraction of the power and dissipating little heat.

Hexacore Protean Microprocessor

John Von Neumann

Circa 1945

Conventional computer systems rely on an architecture designed by John Von Neumann almost 80 years.

Although huge improvements in performance and efficiency have been made year upon year, this architecture is fast reaching its maximum theoretical performance.
- John Von Neumann

As we enter a new era of computing, a new breed of problem solver is required to cope with the demands of next generation software applications and the ever-increasing quantity of data needed to be processed.

Neuromorphic Engine Technology

Ideal for both edge and cloud applications, Hexacore neuromorphic engines separate program from data, loading the program instructions into silicon synapses on the engine and moving the data, along neural networks, from synapse to synapse at very high speed.

Easily and quickly reconfigurable, Hexacore neuromorphic engines are dynamically adjustable, allowing adaptability and providing true parallel processing capability in a small, lightweight footprint.

Hexacore Patented Architecture

Unlike conventional computer design, where program and data are loaded into memory and moved to the microprocessor in a series of fetch-decode-execute cycles, Hexacore neuromorphic engines load the program instructions into silicon synapse and move data from synapse to synapse.

Ideal for artificial intelligence and machine learning applications, Hexacore neuromorphic engines are suited for applications that demand the highest levels of performance and efficiency.

Edge or Cloud

Available either as a standalone microprocessor, or as an ultra-lean single board computer, Hexacore neuromorphic engines are equally at home in edge applications; that require the problem solver to be carried into field, or in cloud applications; within hyperscale datacenter installations.


Hexacore neuromorphic engines are significantly more resilient to cyber-attack. Further, in the unlikely event of infiltration, this design is capable of self-healing, clearing any malicious script out of the system before continuing on.

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